Since 2010 we walk / bike San José / Chepe through markets, parks, eateries, cafes, cantinas (dive bars) and other hidden spots…  We Walk, We Bike, We Eat, We Love Chepe

Chepe Hideaways​

San José is a vibrant city full of history, culture, and adventure. Our walking tour will take you through the city’s historic downtown, giving you an up-close look at the city’s architecture and vibrant culture. We’ll explore different areas and neighborhoods, taking in the unique local sights, and sounds of the city. We’ll explore some of the city’s parks and visit some of its most iconic historic sites, uncovering the secrets of San José’s history and culture. Join us for a unique walking tour of San José and discover the city’s hidden gems.
-Includes expert guidance, but not food

San José Coffee Tour Experience

Experience a unique walking coffee tour of San José, Costa Rica. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or just curious about the delicious local brews, this tour will take you through the vibrant city of San José and its captivating history, architecture, and specialty coffee shops. Taste the finest coffee from different regions of Costa Rica and learn about the brewing styles and techniques of the best baristas in town while we visit 3 of the best coffee shops in San José. Discover a unique experience of Costa Rican culture and heritage as you sip on a cup of the country's most beloved beverage. Enjoy the flavors, aromas, and stories of this amazing city while you sip and savor your way through the colorful streets of San José.
-The tour includes expert guidance and a coffee tasting at each of the 3 coffee shops we will visit.

San José Cantina Experience

The San José Cantina Experience is a unique and unforgettable way to experience Costa Rican pub culture. Located in historic buildings, these quaint and charming establishments have retained their original rustic interiors and vintage music. They offer a range of drinks and traditional "bocas" (tapas) for you to enjoy, including the popular local drink "guaro" (which can be enjoyed alone or mixed with other drinks). With their lively atmosphere and friendly staff, cantinas are the perfect spot for an afternoon or night out with friends. Experience the San José Cantina Experience for a great time and lasting memories... Salud!
-The tour includes expert guidance and a drink at each of the 3 bars we will visit.

San José & Central Market: Taste History, Culture & Local Flavors

Experience the vibrant and lively culture of San José! Take a walk through the city's parks and historic sites, including the Central Market, and soak up the unique flavors, smells, and sounds of the city. Discover and immerse yourself in the authentic and colorful history of San José.
-The tour includes expert guidance, coffee, and lunch at a soda in the Central Market.

Bike & Bites San José

Bike & Bites is an exciting bike experience based in San José, Costa Rica. Explore the city's rich history, architecture, and vibrant culture on two wheels. We'll introduce you to some of our favorite local spots. Along the way, we'll treat you to delicious empanadas and specialty coffee. So come check out Bike & Bites and explore San José like never before!
-The tour includes expert guidance, a bicycle, a helmet, a coffee tasting, and an empanada.

A Forest Within the City: History and Nature Experience

More than the friendly people that call it home, San José is also the home of sloths, butterflies, and stories. Discover the hidden beauty of San José and immerse yourself in its history and nature. On this 2.5-3 hour walking tour, we will explore the historic Barrio Amón, located in the heart of the city. From here, we will take a pathway next to the Torres River and appreciate the emerging urban nature. Afterward, we will visit a butterfly garden with a small nature reserve, home to a small population of sloths. With a bit of luck, we may get to watch them hanging from the trees around the river. Experience the history and nature of San José and let us show you why our city is more than just concrete, cars, and a busy city. Join us on this tour available every day, Monday to Sunday, in the morning.
San José is much more than concrete and cars, we invite you to discover the green side of our city.
-The tour includes expert guidance and admission to the Spirogyra Butterfly Garden.